NUTs — What’s It All About?

NUTs is an executive consultant's network and is a shortcut for the German term:

Netzwerk Unternehmens– Tran sformationen

meaning Network Business Transformation

The term was definitely not opted accidentally. In English nuts has several meanings which we really appreciate in German:

nuts adj. [coll.]

irre, verrückt

nuts pl.

die Nüsse

 Verbs and Verb Compositions

to be nuts about so./sth.

an jem./etwas einen Narren gefressen haben

to be nuts about so.

in jem. total verschossen sein

to be nuts about

verrückt nach

to crack nuts

Nüsse knacken

 Expressions and Phrases

You're nuts! [coll.]

Du spinnst!

Nuts to you!

Fix noch amål! [österr.]

Nuts and bolts

das A und O

Nuts and bolts


That's nuts to him

das ist genau sein Fall

If you feel you're nuts in transforming your business then you've hit the spot.
And the more you've gone nuts in your transformation process, the closer you are to your success ...