What About the


In his Theory of Mind, Gregory Bateson, the famous and well known anthropologist, cyberneticist and information theorist, states how sensory organs respond to a difference or a change. Since mind can only receive news of difference, there is a difficulty in discriminating between a slow change and a condition.

Bateson illustrates this phenomenon in a quasi–scientific fable of a frog (like all amphibians it is hematocryal) adjusting its blood heat to its environmental temperature:

Bateson's fable applies to organization's behavior and their ability to respond. Most organizations are not aware of facing subtle habituation and familiarization to surrounding reality. Without self–referential structures and an adaptive management they meet the frog’s fate.

By the way
– What about your perception?
– How hot is the water you are in?
– What kind of change do you notice?
– What is your reaction?