Resume — in a nutshell
Ernst Fichtner, MAS

Wiener Gasse 24 ⁄ Top 1
2380 Perchtoldsdorf


+43 676 9209179


Born in 1961; Master of Advanced Studies in Knowledge Management at Donau–University Krems; Qualitäty-Manager under the terms of ÖVQ;
TGM Vienna, Communications Engineering and Electronics.
Long experience in business as well as further education and advanced trainings in project management, hard– and software development, construction, procurement, production, quality and process management.
Management position in development and construction at Datentechnik Austria until 2001 being in charge of developing and launching a management system for product data.
Head of Corporate Information Management at KEYMILE AG from 2001 to 2005. Emphasis was on Design and Implementation of structures for Internet ⁄ Extranet ⁄ Intranet.
From December 2000 to April 2002 speaker of the project core team und head of the IM ⁄ IT taskforce in the context of a business transformation project at Datentechnik.
Since 2000 self-employed consultant and independent contractor.
Main focus:

Consulting and guidance of implementing and adopting strategic and⁄or

operative information and knowledge management systems

Consulting and guidance of business development processes

Development, sales and implementation of an innovative, industry independent

and web based software solution mapping business flows and processes