Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

Product Leadership, but with diversified approach
(managing change & leading change, cross sectional issues, ) – i.e.
performance value (as opposed to relation or price value)

Functional Benefits

Always the latest and the best — unbiased in terms of origin (but preserving ownership)

Velocity — always up to date

You can buy "consequence" (at least on a temporary basis)

No cheap shots (denominator management, "vogues", run–down methods)

Tremendously beneficial: ROI for invested consulting fee

No overhaed annoyances and costs as we are the network organization ourselves

"We are present and in it"

Emotional Benefits

We are not corruptible

We are totally useful

Authenticity — coherence

Reliability – "You can count on us!"

We mirror your actions

Situative interventions (humor, ...)

Self-Expressive Benefits

"I mean business ..."
(regarding the impact of change)

"With them and by them I will triumph!"

"I’m different from others — if I’m in partnership with them."


Credibility, Reliability

We mean what we say — and say what we mean

We are associated with first class brands (Drucker, Pascale, Hamel, Davenport, ...) and process simply the best ingredients