Extended Identity

User Imagery

Tough but sincere

Relentlessly pursuing the process' goals

Remarkable results

Country of Origin

Wordly — they are on top of it

Organizational Associations

Innovative, up-to-date, tempo

No self-interest, just network structure

We want to establish respect in partnership with our customers and their organizations

Local vs global


Brand Personalities

Reinhard Bacher —
consequent, analytic, cool; methodologist with a human touch; reflexive; project management pro.

Helmut F. Karner —
master mind with an unquenchable thirst to know; persistent; tough – but is worth it; more philanthropic than he seems to be;&xnbsp;always ahead of time;

Alexander Schön —
Professional in Human Capital Management, understanding, but persistent; precise, focused and attentive; strongly beliefs in self-organization and personal responsibility;

Brand Customer Relationships

Reliance (Business Intelligence, Business Savvy, Experience) and confidence, authenticity, credibility, reliability

Longing for success

Symbols, Visual Imagery, Metaphors

Symbols: frog, funnel, stress points

Imagery: acupuncture spots, balance

Metaphors: The Frog's Tale, The Story of the Three Brothers and the Seventeen Camels, ...

Brand Heritage

Personal background of people acting


Miba Bearing Group, Fischer, it & tel&xnbsp;and other reference projects


"Ruthless in Design, Consequent in Implementation"

Corporate Citizenships

Föhrenberg–Circle (www.foehrenbergkreis.at); face to face with latest management literature; various impresarios