Core Identity

Product Scope

Accountability in partnership — total companionship and guidance in transforming the business

transformation process management

Specific, complementary know how


Integrated: focus on business but incorporating organization and involving people

Three pillars: method — leading change — shapen up

Together with all members of staff — customer decides


Different from others:


"Ruthless in design, consequent in implementation"


Commited to both people and business


We accompany and conduct till the end of the project


Wir accept mutual responsibility


We are sharp, square, angular, uncomfortable — without being unfair or unpredictable

Highest standard of quality regarding our method and our consultants as well as to customer's commitment and leadership

High demand of consequence (in the funnel)

We ask for securing and sticking to decisions

We expect accuracy in finalizing the various process phases

Customer's staff will thrive and prosper with the requests

Ruthless in Design, Moderate in Implementation


Just if there is the ability and willingness to real change

Only if the demand for impact is sufficient and necessary

Just if we see willingness for a total approach

Only if being on serious and appreciative terms with staff

Only if there is a strong desire for finding the solution oneself

Just if there is a discret and independent potentiality for fundamental decisions

Only with the owner's acceptance

Only with sufficient time and means — but insisting on tempo

Only with intensive cooperation of the entire management

Experience Association

Toughness — relentless

Experienced — sound business experience

Continuously introducing of latest trends and developments

Wild, thrilling, exciting

Absolute exhausting, pushing ones limits, persistant

"They don't accept a shady business"

Not manipulable

Process objectives proceed self-interest

They find the right spots for acupuncture