Our Approach

What we can do for you?

There are a lot of attitudes we definitely don't have: i.e. beating around the bush, being arbitrary or giving false illusions. But what we are is: a reflection, a pilot, an obstetrician, a catalyst, a lighthouse, a translator, a pursuer, a partner, a rock, an emergency physician, a manager, an inspirational entrepreneur, a transformer, ...

or — humbly — a camel...

In Arabia there once lived an old man with 3 sons and 17 camels. When the old man felt his death to come he congregated his sons and said:
"All I have are my camels and I hope you appreciate my patrimony. Split them so that the eldest gets half of the camels, the second a third and the youngest a ninth."
After arranging his inheritance he passed away immediately so that the sons couldn't reply that the testament apparently was impossible to implement.

"Seventeen is a tenacious number and can't be divided neither by two, nor by three and least of all by nine!", the sons pondered. But a father's testament is held sacred by every honest Arab.

Fortunately a pilgrim on his camel came by, saw the heirs' helplessness and offered them help. The sons described their tricky problem. The pilgrim smiled, asked them to put his camel to the father's flock and to divide all the camels according to their father's will.

And behold — the eldest son got nine camels, the second one got six, and the youngest got two, that was a half, a third and a ninth.
There was one camel remaining — it was the pilgrim's one — with which the wise man smilingly rode off.